Sunday, August 11, 2002


There’s an old story of a man digging a big hole in his backyard. His neighbour leans over the fence, and asks what the bloody great hole is for.

“Tiger trap”

“But there’s no tigers around here. This is the suburbs!”

“See how effective it is?”

Is there are point to this? Well yes. Once again, civilised nations give thanks that this year’s Hiroshima Day protests have once again kept the spectre of nuclear war from our doorstop.

For it is only the unflagging efforts of these brave souls that has brought the American hegemony to heel, and restrained their endless slavering to loose the hell-hounds of war on the peaceful governments of North Korea, Syria, China, Iraq, Iran and Libya.

Theirs is an unbroken record of success in shielding us, their countrymen, from the flaming rain of death from above. There has not been a single instance of a nuclear attack since World War Two, and the unprovoked attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Never. Not one.

Can we even imagine the world without citizens brave enough to march unprotected through the winter sunshine of Sydney and Melbourne, risking disappearance, torture and death as they wave their banners and make their speeches? Nuclear wasteland, punctuated only by the sobs of the children and the laughter of the gun lobby as they hunt the survivors for sport.

So pause a moment as you step out tomorrow, breathing fallout-free air, safe in the knowledge that the Apocalypse has been postponed again. Pause and give thanks to the few, the proud and the brave men and women of the peace movement for their willingness to sacrifice their weekends to keeping you safe. They will not ask for gratitude, those angels of the collective, those saviours of the sit-in. But we must give it. For the children.

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