Thursday, August 01, 2002

Margot Kingston must be secretly overjoyed that the Children Overboard inquiry has closed, without hearing all evidence from all players, and spent huge sums of taxpayers money on High Court challenges. Had the inquiry ground its way to the end, and heard all the tiresome bureaucrats tell their gobbledegook, then it's likely that the outcome would not have been clear enough.

But this way, no-one can say for sure what would have come out. And if you're in the conspiracy business, then it just won't do to have endings and conclusions. After all, there's always the danger that it might not go your way.

Simple facts are often better to rely on, and political motives are good barometers. The Opposition was terrified of setting a precedent that would allow the Senate to call Ministerial staffers to give evidence. Flat out terrified. Not to mention the idea that retired Ministers might have to front up. Does the ALP want Graham Richardson to have an excuse to talk? Under oath for God's sake?

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