Tuesday, August 06, 2002

In usual form, Phillip Adams tries to make a statement by asking questions about differences between members of the human race.
MALE vs female. Straight vs gay. Young vs old. Serb vs Croat. Haves vs have-nots. East vs West

How do I loathe thee? Let me count more ways we can be defined, differentiated, turned into enemies.

Class vs class. Caste vs caste. Sacred vs secular. Science vs religion. Church vs state. Right to life vs pro-choice. Tabloid vs broadsheet. Beta vs VHS. Jones vs Laws. Conservative vs progressive. Workers vs management. Capitalism vs communism. Good vs bad

Problem for Adams is, he is them. He’s rich, white, upper class, capitalist, conservative, straight, broadsheet. He makes his living doing the bidding of a billionaire. He moves carefully in wealthy circles, from Paddington to Yarramalong.

How much further to the right can he get?

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