Wednesday, August 28, 2002

In today's Australian, Hal G.P. Colebatch gives the Left the cavity search they have been needing, as their hypocrisy on immigration policy reaches a new high-water mark.

As background for non-Australian readers, Australia accepted very large numbers of Vietnamese refugee in the years following the collapse of South Vietnam. By comparing Left attitudes then to now, Colebatch exposes their current hand-wringing as the tactics of people quite comfortable with standing on the shoulders of drowning people the better to be seen by their overseas friends.
So it appears that many on the Left are hypocrites on refugees. In the late 1970s and early '80s, the Left waged a nasty campaign against the boatpeople (with more or less their own boats) from Liberated Vietnam. But in the past year the Left has waged a campaign for people-smugglers' clients who come through safe ports such as Indonesia and who sometimes destroy documentation and refuse to co-operate with officials in establishing their identities or countries.

Further to the depths the Hard Left will stoop to, yesterday Australian merchant sailors compared Australian Prime Minister John Howard to Osama bin Laden, because they both favour flag of convenience fleets. Geddit? A Methodist solicitor is the same as an Islamic terrorist, even though they seek wildly different outcomes.

These clowns should have thought this through. Because if there is one thing Sum of all Ladles favours above anything, it's unrestricted immigration and no security checks.

UPDATE: reader Alan McCallum corrects my assumption about merchant sailors:
I just wanted to clarify one point. I used to be a merchant sailor for 14 years. I was an electrician in Nauru Pacific Shipping and ANL, and yet I am on your side of the fence. There is usually, but not always a distinction between the deck officer and engineer unions and the maritime union [the old Seaman's Union, SUA and the WWF combined]. The latter are generally commie bastards, still so today I have no doubt.
Most engineers and deck officers were conservative in my time, and they probably still are. Most of us HATED the SUA and the WWF.

The ABloodyC always talks to the MUA

Many thanks Alan.

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