Tuesday, August 06, 2002

I’m too tired for much new content tonight, but here’s a few bits and pieces I have been reading:
Professor Bunyip gives me reasons to buy magazines again, particularly those with sharp edges.

Jason Soon and Tim Blair beat up on an actor who is trying to make hay from having a familiar name. Kind of like those weird lookalike agencies. Creepy.

Gareth Parker praises Peter Walsh for his visceral loathing of greenies, and spends a moment to knee-drop Ian Macphee for his mopey views on immigration. Thanks are due to him for pointing out the implications of this
Surely it is time to abandon the legal mantra and adopt humanity.

And this from a Minister of the Crown. From a Red Guard, I would expect it.

On the international scene, Stephen Den Beste makes a good fist of explaining what the Bush Doctrine is, and how to recognise the straw men thrown against it.
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