Friday, August 02, 2002

I was going to tear this moron a new one, but the Forces Of All That Is Good have got there ahead of me.

Gareth Parker asks
how did such a "quality" paper allow such a logic-avoiding piece to be published in the first place?

Damn good question Gareth. Did anyone see these articles when the ALP brought in mandatory detention, sold more assets, and instituted enterprise bargaining?

Tim Blair conducts a forensic takedown, including
PC nancy boy

But for real fury, you can't go past Whacking Day.
Tex is not content with running the silly bastard over. He uses a four wheel drive (in the city!), backs over him a few times, and then sools the dog onto what's left.
It's the argument of people who cannot accept that the Australian population are a peaceful, rational people who are capable of making their own choices or forming their own ideas without having been brainwashed by the Big Evil Conspiracy of The Right.
It's the argument of people who - despite their shrill protestations - have a deep contempt for the stupid, unenlightened masses who refuse to accept "correct thinking".

Bloody brilliant Tex.

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