Monday, August 19, 2002

Here is today's bold statement of principle from the Australian Democrats.
Democrats against war
TODAY the Senate will test the views of all political parties on the issue of a first strike against Iraq.
I have moved a motion calling upon the Government to rule out Australia's involvement in any pre-emptive military action, or first strike, against Iraq or any other country without evidence that an attack by that country is imminent.
Opposition to a war against Iraq has been voiced by former Australian prime ministers, senior security experts from both Australia and the United States, the leaders of most nations, and the majority of the Australian public.
As Leader of the third party in the Senate, I urge the Prime Minister, John Howard, and the Leader of the Opposition, Simon Crean, to rule out Australia supporting a first strike.
Natasha Stott Despoja
Leader, Australian Democrats
Canberra, ACT

The key phrase here is "without evidence that an attack by that country is imminent". For an attack to be imminent means that the weapons will have been acquired. Without the weapons, an attack cannot be imminent, as defined by Natasha.

Since Saddam has the proven ability to reach Tel Aviv by missile, Stott Despoja is condemning the people of Israel to death, because there is no way that any strike at that point could stop a missile getting through. She is prepared to have third party civilians incinerated, rather than have the nerve to say "this regime is unacceptable for these reasons, and more civilised nations have the right and obligation to remove them".

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