Wednesday, August 28, 2002

For the "Taxes Good, Business Bad" crowd, some lightly rendered economics from Lileks, in his Parable of the [building of the] Stairs
He would argue that I had an obligation to pay that money in taxes, as my Fair Share, my way of Giving Back. Well, here’s how I deviously kept the money from those who truly need it. I ended up going to:

1. The independent businessman who runs the stairs company
2. The three young men he hired to do the labor
3. The company that rented the loader, the haul-away bins, the giganto jackhammer and other sundry equipment to the independent businessman
4. The family-owned company that sold the stone
5. The family-owned quarry that sold the stone to #4
6. Self-employment taxes for #1.
7. FICA taxes for #2
8. Taxes paid on income by 3, 4, 5
End result: new steps - and additional taxes paid by me when the next assessment takes improvements into account

Pretty clever, eh? What a scam!

Some people think that the economic activity described in 1-9 is inferior to the economic impact of signing over the amount to the state. I don’t. So you don’t think anyone should pay taxes, then. Oh, go away. I haven’t said, and will never say, anything of the sort. I just tired of nice smiling fellow who come to the door, asks for my vote, and then treats me like a kulak who’s hoarding grain in the midst of famine.

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