Friday, August 23, 2002


Ali Bakhtiari, well known wannabe Afghan, has started to unravel his own story, admitting that in fact he did come to Australia from Pakistan. Of course, he is only saying that he was there for two years.

Can anyone keep track of how often this fool changes his explanation? And I'll put hard currency on the line that he is not done yet. Expect more bullshit when this approach flops. Probably he will introduce some form of coercion, possibly from the people smugglers.

I wonder how long before he jettisons the Refugee Action Collective? And will it be before they toss him over the side?

UPDATE: Robert Corr has leapt to the case, demanding Baktiari be removed to Pakistan immediately. Robert is also trying to shame me into not gloating over the fact that he and his fellow loose thinkers stuffed this Royally, that they were wrong wrong wrong, they have cost the genuine refugees a big slice of their remaining credibility, and owe the Immigration Minister an apology for their arrogance.

So I won't.

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