Tuesday, July 16, 2002


Plenty of action from the peanut gallery in today's Letters pages. In the Sydney Morning Herald, George D'Aran of Nelson Bay thinks we can't worry about Iraq's weapons stockpile until
the capacity and record of the US for the same thing are taken into account.

after all, Iraq is
a country rich in the history of civilisation and tradition, posing no threat to Australia

one man's alliance based on shared values and security concerns is actually
cringing and crawling … to an even greater threat to world peace

Yes, so easy to confuse the two.

Grahame Wilson of Lane Cove thinks that a public debate over stem cell research raises the brave ethical question
Are Iraqis less important than microscopic cells?

Well Grahame, that depends on whether the stem cells are led by a bloodthirsty cancer cell who has the bloody bomb!

Ray Alexander of Port Macquarie wants to hold up on battle planning until the Foreign Minister sees to the business of
seeking a mandate from the Australian people you are supposed to represent, Mr Foreign Minister, before pledging our sons to a war in Iraq?

He needs to take this up with David McLintock of Kinka Beach, who knows mandates don’t count, since
A huge number of Australians were against the partial sale of Telstra and the loss of thousands of jobs, and an even greater number are against its full sale and many more thousands of job losses.

Not a majority mind, just an unspecified huge number. Accuracy is a bit difficult when your idea of advanced mathematics involves removing your socks.

G.W. Spence of Bruce near Canberra wants Prime Minister Howard and Foreign Minister Downer to
encourage their offspring to be at the spearhead - of any Australian troops who may take part in any such
idiotic adventure.

No worries G.W., as long as you promise to pledge YOUR assets to compensate anyone killed here by Iraqi actions. Good to know that debating techniques have progressed so much since 1965.

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