Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Robert Corr is a rare breed these days; an actual free-range non-GM socialist. To call himself one proud he is. This must explain the poverty of thought that goes into his post
about current immigration woes. The problem of people trying to get in to socialist countries doesn’t come up much.
scaremongers like Paul Wright, who suggests that "the future for us" is "the UK experience", like to rattle off foreign figures in with strings of zeros trailing behind them.

Curse you for your use of actual numbers. With zeroes yet! Is there no limit to your cruelty?
The truth is that if large numbers of illegal immigrants getting loose in the community was the real issue, we'd be sending the ADF to patrol backpackers and the fruit-picking trail.

That would be all those people breaking the law who get arsed out of the country without appeal inside a week of being caught. Sounds like a fairly draconian system you’re proposing there.
In any case, mandatory detention is not stopping the boat people. Since it was introduced in 1992, the number of arrivals steadily increased -- until the fanatical (and unsustainable) bring-out-the-Navy, bribe-Pacific-islands, be-careful-not-to-humanise-them approach began last year.

It’s not working. Until it does. Yes.
In my opinion, and I'm open to suggestions

Provided there is a great deal of Fuuurious Agreement.
we don't fill the quota of 12 000 that Ruddock likes to talk about

My job is just to turn ON the tap. Demarcation, mate.
Upon arrival, asylum seekers are given housing, benefits (including English lessons) and a work permit. This assistance means they are unlikely to go underground.

Until we tell the one in six that their claim has been rejected for the final time. At which point they will meekly present themselves for deportation.
it's better to let a bunch of illegals out into the community than to risk subjecting one genuine refugee to further persecution.

And there are no circumstances under which they can be proven to be illegal. Note to self: flee country if Corr ever becomes Attorney-General.

Corr is engaging in a simple trick, for which there is probably a fancy latin debating term. I call it not telling all the truth. By presenting himself as compassionate, he disguises his inability to deal with unpleasant reality. Some, possibly many people seek to exploit the system to take the place of a genuine refugee. By defending their right to do so, Corr is assisting this.

Like many on the left, He is unwilling to face the fact that any policy has a sharp end. Will he promise to be silent when phony refugees are dragged screaming from their houses to be dumped on a plane and shipped home?

There is a choice to be made firstly between limited, and unlimited immigration. All policy flows from this first stop. Once limited immigration is chosen, the rest is about how to define, manage and enforce those limits. Corr likes to leave the first to the UN (except when they are not as generous as Australia), make unreachable demands for the second (helps if you want to stay in the protest business) and leave the third up to somebody else.

Here’s two question that can be answered any time on his site:
1. How many refugees are you prepared to accept in the time period of your choice?
2. What will you have the government do when that figure is exceeded?

I’m betting that Corr will refuse to set a firm number on the first, and take the “just one more” approach on the second. He’s lucky he lives in a country where others are prepared to make the decisions he won’t.

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