Monday, July 29, 2002


Robert Corr has invited ridicule for his answers to my questions on his attitude on controlling immigration.
To question one:
We should take as many as need protection from persecution. If people need help, then we're far better placed to offer assistance than, say, Pakistan

Given that there are currently 22 million refugees in the world, and Pakistan had 1.2 million at one point, he is posing a big ask. Corr would not suggest setting up a Darwinian exercise in boat arrivals, so I guess he is expecting us to fly them in. Assuming a ten per cent take up, this comes to about 500 jumbo flights just from Pakistan.

As I predicted, Corr has put forward a supposedly compassionate, but unworkable system. This has twin advantages for those in the compassion business. You can fluff your feathers and show how much you care, while refusing responsibility for the results. When your impossible demands are not met, you get to stay in the protest game.

This is typical of the Left, as a general case. The tricky part is to blame others when your policy of high-principled neglect produces yet another pile of bodies. Frankly, Corr has ceded any credibility he might have had to speak to this subject. He should get out of the way and leave discussion to people not afraid to make decisions.

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