Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Nothing like a dose of Lileks to get you through the day. He shows his feelings for his daughter in a way that makes me feel like running home.
It’s the highlight of my life. There’s something liberating in loving someone who really, truly, honestly has no idea how much you love her.

It’s been two years and I’ve been there for every day. Seven hundred and thirty good-mornings and good nights, from the cross-eyed who-you stare you get at the start to the clever smile, the hug, the goonight daddy bye bye I get now. When you’re a young adult, you wish yourself a long long life so you can do the things you simply must do. When you’re a parent, you realize that little matters as much as the simple, daily act of caring for your child. Give me the time, so that I may give it to her. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

And you get the deep anger at historical stupidity, when he sees people dismissing Stalin as not worth the effort of condemning
someone who believed it was necessary to break tens of millions of eggs and starve all the chickens, and shoot all the chefs to make an inedible, poisoned omelette.

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