Wednesday, July 17, 2002


One of the great historical wrongs in Australia is the belief, mostly well-founded, that our British and American allies have often droppped our fighting men in the shit, in a bid to have our guys take the brunt of the assault. This happened at Gallipoli, The Western Front and Singapore. Since the orders are always given by senior allies, these events tend to create special resonance with the anti-American crew, and the anti-British and/or Republican movement.

But I wonder. When the yelping Left demands we not support the USA against Iraq, how much of it is an unspoken desire to have the USA take the hit, while we keep a low profile? And how does this make them better than the British Generals that used Australian soldiers as shock troops in World War One?

This is not a US operation, it is a UN-backed deal. If you know anyone who has ever bitched about Australia being in violation of ANY UN treaty (human rights, refugees), then ask them why they're not backing the war against Iraq. Hey, fun is where you find it.

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