Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Listen to this dimwit:

Who's the enemy now?
So a wedding party was blown to smithereens in Afghanistan, and it's not the first time, we hear!
It seems to me that with all the bombing going on, wayward or on target, the flip side of "terrorism" is "collateral". After all, both "good" and "evil" sides claim that the end justifies the means.
Ivor Gilhooly, Brighton-le-Sands,

So according to this cretin, any evil is excusable as long as you are clever enough to use the same form of words as your opponents.

Sooner or later one of these dills will notice that the WTC and Pentagon attacks used Boeing planes, and start crowing that all use of Boeing planes must be terrorism. Wake me up when they mention the Law of Gravity.

Paul , If you understood the English language enough,you would not be so quick to pass judgement on other people's comments or letters! I suggest you do some research, check out the context ,think of what you are about to say,then engage your little mind before opening your big mouth!!!

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