Thursday, July 18, 2002

Jack’s back!
And I do believe the sand and the surf have mellowed him a tad. I can say this because he hasn’t got around to me yet. Let’s hope he doesn’t read too far back.

Memo to US readers: It might be confusing for you that someone might go surfing in what is our winter. I know, it can be a bugger in Sydney too. Why in the depths of winter, you can’t go to the beach (15 minutes by car) for days ay a time.

Robertson is taking unseemly delight in current corporate ructions here and in the US. Thinking the best of him, I have to assume he’s not glad that so many people’s retirement savings have been damaged. I’m sure he is aware that when wealth falls, tax receipts fall, and along with that, welfare and foreign aid payments. So we will assume that all the crowing is well-meant.

What I can’t understand is why the entire capitalist system is disproved because it only created 16 kajillion, instead of the projected 22. I’ll agree with this
Karl Marx has never been more relevant than he will be in the coming years.

though for entirely different reasons

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