Thursday, July 25, 2002

I wasn’t planning on posting today, but thanks to this tip off from Gareth Parker, I feels, I say, I feels the need.

We have some reportage from the Sydney Morning Herald about immigration; it’s size, composition and direction. The original figures are here, and the Herald story is here.

According the checkable, transparent figures from the Department of Immigration, last year’s immigration intake achieved the following:
· Skilled immigration up 150% on ten years ago
· Family reunion at the highest level in five years
· 12,349 Humanitarian (refugee) places filled. There will naturally be some protests that this includes Temporary Protection Visas, but since almost all of these are given refugee status, you either count them now or in three years)
· The off-shore refugee program, where Australia is one of two or three countries that actually goes looking for refugees, has taken direction from the UNHCR and shifted focus to
Africa, the Middle East and South-West Asia

And Here we learn
· that the non-humanitarian for next year will be a ten-year high;
· That this will be maintained for four years
On the Humanitarian intake, we see that
· Refugee places are at 12,000 per year, at pr above previous years;
· The intake will be supplemented with places rolled over from previous years. In other words, no net decrease in places over the slightly longer term

So in this racist, pariah nation, we are taking more people, both skilled and unskilled. We are taking them from the places the UN wants us to take them from. They are not white folks.

In response to this system, what does the compassion industry have to say?
The Opposition immigration spokeswoman, Julia Gillard, said the 17,000 migrants brought to Australia under the program since 1996-1997 was "far too low, with the Government not doing enough".

Apart from running the program hotter and harder then your lot did for the last three years before you were booted out.
The Australian Greens leader, Senator Bob Brown, said: "The policy is discrimination against the poor.

if you are an executive of a company of 50 or more workers, or if you deposit $250,000 in an Australian bank account for a year, you will be granted access to Australia.
"If you come on a leaky boat you will not."

Bob thinks that people smugglers set aside a portion of places to people with no money. News flash Senator; anyone on a leaky boat headed this way is there because they paid the equivalent of ten or twenty years salary in Afghanistan to get there.

I just wish the 100 metres doublethink was a professional sport. My boy Bob would take on all comers.

The man sees no contradiction in:
1. Advocating higher immigration and lower population;
2. Advocating older, poorer, less skilled immigration, along with higher welfare for all;
3. Increasing immigration from the very cultures that think stoning gays is the height of bleeding-heart do-goodism.

Then there is finally:
Refugee advocate Jacqueline Everitt said the policy was typical of Mr Ruddock's approach to new arrivals.
"The issue for Ruddock is coming to Australia in an orderly way and doing it by his rules

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. To this person, rules are obstructions to her goal, not a way of achieving it. Rule of law, consistency and equality before the law, these are mere bagatelles to be used only so long as the verdict is favourable. If not, they are to be discarded in the pursuit of what she, and she alone, has decided is the higher good.

These people are dangerous. Once someone has accepted the premise means are the ends, then we are dealing with some scary morality. This is the logic of liberating money from banks, spiking trees, kidnapping industrialists. It’s the religion that will look you in the eye, say that you have too much money, and feel perfectly justified in taking some “for the cause”.

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