Thursday, July 18, 2002

Greg Sheridan delivers strongly on why Australia should assist the US in Rogering the hell out of this guy.
The questions to ask, as a nation, before embarking on a military commitment in Iraq should be: Is it right or wrong; will it improve the security situation; does it restore or maintain a necessary international order; is it in our national interests and what consequences will it have on our key alliance relationships?
On all these criteria action to stop Iraq acquiring and using weapons of mass destruction passes the test overwhelmingly.

I’ll put as baldly as I can: as the world order begins to fray, small fry like us need to stand really really close to the big ‘uns.

Seriously, can anyone raise a decent argument for not knocking off Saddam? The region can’t get more unstable than it is when a belligerent dictator threatens his neighbours with gas and germ warfare. The arab world will not rise up in support of him. Their governments want him gone probably more than ours do. After all, they’re the ones he tends to attack, at least so far.

The people of Iraq have to be better off than they are now. And end to Saddam will mean an end to the sanctions, and a shot at rebuilding from the results of 20 years of aggression and repression.

Don’t give me any guff about “it’s all about the oil”. Of course it’s about the bloody oil! Why else would Australia, and the USA, have the slightest interest in what happens to a patch of desert thousands of miles away, if it wasn’t for the oil? And if you want to get down to brass tacks, Saddam has twice tried to take his neighbour’s oil, whereas we are defending our desire to PAY the owners SHITLOADS OF MONEY.

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