Monday, July 22, 2002

Further on the false refugees, Paul Sheehan is still being difficult at the Sydney Morning Herald. He is swimming against the tide in questioning the orthodoxy floating around that reverses the chain of evidence, by insisting that detention is proof of refugee status, not the other way around.

Sheehan is also showing the future for us, when he points to the UK experience
The British Government has admitted it has "lost" more than 280,000 asylum seekers who have been ordered out of Britain during the past 12 years.
According to the Home Office, the total of those going underground after being rejected as refugees increased by 150,000 over the past three years, a rate of 1000 a week.

Contrast this with the policy prescriptions from Robert Manne
If every failed asylum seeker applicant was released into the community tomorrow, as an act of mercy, not one serious policy objective would be compromised. On the other hand 700 innocent human beings, including Alamdar and Montazar and their mother and their three beautiful young sisters, would have at least an outside chance of being restored to life.

This kind of appeal has two things working for it, in Manne's point of view. Firstly, there is no chance of it ever happening, so he is in no danger of having nothing to bitch about. Secondly, there is absolutely no chance that people released for a detention centres are ever going to live in his neck of the woods.

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