Saturday, July 13, 2002


Yesterday, a group of RMIT academics came out against the bid by their University to provide eduction and entertainment to the detainees in the various Migration Detention Centres around the country. Senior Lecturer in Social Work Helen Fraser said she did not want to give tacit support to mandatory detention. LaTrobe University politics wonk Robert Manne said it was ”unconscionable”.

In other words, nobody should supply the detainees, whose welfare we claim to represent, with entertainment or education. After all, if we morally-pristine university types can't see a way clear to do it, then neither should lesser lights. Far better for the detainees to go without, than for our soft hands to get a little dirty, and perhaps have to do the heavy lifting of actually DOING SOMETHING. Much more ideologically sound to leave it to the jackbooted thugs of ACM and group 4.

God knows, if conditions for the detainees start improving, where will the professional protest industry turn to?
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