Monday, June 24, 2002

Success! Techno semi-literate I might be, but I can change the colour on the banner! (wait for applause)

anyway ....


How would you like to have three hours uninterrupted television viewing time every weekend? To be used for the sole purpose of watching your choice of Sports/ Death Sports/ Antique Roadshow? When your wife keeps the kids out of the way, answers the phone, AND at the end, THANKS YOU?

How can this be so, I hear you cry in your relentless quest for truth.
How can this be so, the voices of all men rise up.
How can this be so, when dark forces gather behind their mountain fastness (all right, I ran out)

Do the ironing on the weekend. Simple, repetitive work, requiring less than 10% of your brain, leaving the other 90% free to enjoy large men attempting to kil each other in sponsor-approved fashions. At the end of the football game, your wife will actually thank you.

Please, no really. The esteem of a grateful nation is all I need.
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