Wednesday, June 05, 2002

More links added to the side, more to come.

One that might be out of line with the usual "kill them all, God will know his own" rhetoric, is the Global Ideas Bank. It's a collection of what contributors, and the editors, think are good ideas for life and governance, but are unable, unwilling or too incoherent to take to the polity. Big chunks of it reflect the ideology you would expect from anybody with enough free time to set the thing up, but about 40% is interesting.

My personal favourite is the DIY political spectrum analyser. This handy all-in-one tool is a start at getting us past the present outdated terminology. Print the thing out, and take the test. I tried it on some close friends, and I would say the results were the equivalent to a political version of Scruples. Send me the fallout.

Let's face it. The traditional left-right system is even less applicable now than in 1776. The practice is so debased that hard-line communists can become right-wing, while barking mad dictators are considered left.

More to come.
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