Wednesday, June 19, 2002


The Sydney Morning Herald reaches new depths of cultural relativism today by printing this letter.
Although I don't like John Howard, I would be extremely peeved if George Bush decided one day that they weren't bosom buddies and instructed the CIA to eliminate him, covertly or otherwise. Perhaps the people of Iraq feel the same - Saddam Hussein may be a dictator, but he's their dictator.
The obsessive desire of a small group within the US to rid themselves of Saddam threatens the concept of national sovereignty.
Marjorie Biggins, Cooks Hill,

Cool idea! Let's ask the Kurds if they "feel the same". ….. well they were here a minute ago.

I mean what does Saddam have to do to get the idea across to this meathead? Invade Cooks Hill? What about Marjorie's street? "We can't take pre-emptive action, he's only occupied the front bedroom!"

And see the clever way she couches this as a defence of a politician she doesn't like. As if this is somehow a defence of OUR sovereignty. I nominate Marjorie for our first emissary to the newly liberated Iraq. She address the roving mobs and explain her noble reasons for defending the right of Iraqis to be slaughtered by the dictator of their choice.

In case the "Not in our name" fuckwits are missing the point, this is what happened when you believe that peoples and nations have the right to determine their own destiny, free from military coercion by great powers.

There may be a theoretical limit to what the anti-West crowd will sink to, but I haven't seen it yet. Can I suggest the "Chomsky event horizon"?

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