Saturday, June 08, 2002

I was finished for the day, but this piece of crap did vex me so.

Political pygmy-slayer Michael Millett takes a world-view of immigration and detention, and forgets which end of the telescope to look through. There are no reasons why our Prime Minister does anything, except for domestic political gain. It cannot be considered that perhaps, maybe, is it possible, that this might be done because it’s the best thing for the country?

Sovereign government becomes “us against the world”. New restrictions on immigration zones have little “evident justification” and are part of “Fortress Australia”. Millett naturally avoids all that tedious quantification that might give us poor befuddled folk some clue to his idea of what he might accept as justification. Perhaps he could enlighten us? But hey, “voters seem to like it”, ‘cos it’s all in pursuit of “main game - winning domestic elections”.

Is it possible Millett would use this kind of slanted, loaded language in pursuit of another issue, say the Republic? “Today the Australian Republican Movement continued their hardline stand in pursuit of their political goal: to win the referendum”. Not bloody likely.

Our media is told day after day, month after month, that they continuously chase issues that matter more to them than to the voting public, or even to the paper-buying public. Circulation is down, disgust with journalists grows daily, and it’s not hard to see why.

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