Friday, June 28, 2002

I HATE YOU! (storms off to room)

Does absence makes the heart grow fonder, or just more bitter?

Martina Navratilova has forgotten why she ran like buggery from her native Czechoslovakia in 1975, to live a life of luxury and freedom in the USA. This woman is a gay immigrant, whose only skill in life consists of the ability to belt a tennis ball around.

She threw herself on the hospitality and protection of the USA, avoiding a life where her sexuality was punishable by heavy jail time, and where her sporting prowess would have earned her a State-selected apartment, and maybe a pension.

Instead she has travelled the world, is openly gay, made a SHITLOAD of money, and lives the life of Reilly.

To show her appreciation, Navratilova behaves like an anti-globo teenager. You know, the ones that protest their parents material greed by locking themselves in their room with the television, DVD, computer …..

UPDATE: Protein Wisdom takes Martina to task. I particularly like the description "a rich, unpleasant lesbian"

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