Thursday, June 27, 2002


Immigration lawyer and activist Julian Burnside says conditions at the Nauru Detention Centre are:
a pile of bird-droppings in the Central Pacific. There they are strictly confined within 2 camps, in abominable conditions,

Burnside has never been to the Centre, although his wife spent an afternoon there.

Now three days later, Sy Winter of the International Organisation for Migration is interviewed on radio in Sydney (no link available). When asked about conditions in Nauru where he is working at the time of interview says the Centre
started out rough and are now well above the international standard.

Who do you believe? A lawyer with a barrow to push, a practice to run, who has not been there, and neglected to open his mouth on the subject until a few months ago?

Or an IOM worker in the Detention Centre, with no brief to do the Australian Government any favours.

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