Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Browsing through Matthew Bates' recent thoughts. He takes our dark lord and master to task over criticisms of Media Watch, attributing the high rate of commercial mentions on the show to the plausible reason that there are three commercial networks. Yes, but the ABC operates in every market in the country and pumps out a lot more news and current affairs than any of the commercials.

Unlike Matthew, Blair remembered to point up the serious difference in Fairfax v News criticisms.

One last point: if Marr was planning on doing his job properly, why would ABC and Fairfax journalists feel comfortable going to his house to watch the first screening?

Though I will agree with Matthew about one thing: Kevin Rudd is a dickhead.

The idea of this guy representing my country to the world is not one that fills me with warm thoughts. I mean take a look at him; some people are born to be secret policemen.
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