Sunday, May 19, 2002

Thanks to his lordship, Tim Blair, I am forced to post to this thing a LOT earlier than I was planning, and I have about seven minutes to come up with the worthy statement. A bit like the dying sidekick who uses up all his time to say “There’s something I’ve got to tell you ….”


“Be careful what you wish for; you might get it”

Ever notice that so many lobbyists and do-gooders can always tell you what is unsafe, but never tell you what is safe? I reckon this is because if they ever put their standards (assuming they have any) down in writing, in terms (numbers) that all parties agree on, they run the risk of ACTUALLY GETTING WHAT THEY ASK FOR.

And what happens then? Well from their personal point of view, they’re out of a job, and right smartly. Remember, the life of a lobbyist is sweet. The food is paid by other people, there’s always someone who wants to kiss up to you, and there’s no heavy lifting. Why would anyone volunteer to give it up?

So next time you hear Greenpeace tell you the Lucas Heights reactor is unsafe, take careful note that they have NEVER EVER specified what they would accept as safe. This is not moving the goal posts; this is telling the other team to go to the wrong ground.

More later, or tomorrow. Please be patient as I try an figure out the links system.

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