Monday, May 27, 2002

Phillip Adams quotes Tony Judt, director of the Remarque Institute at New York University, asking "If he [Sharon] ever gets rid of Arafat, and the bombers keep coming, as they will, what will Sharon do then?"

I'll ask the other question that self-proclaimed pro-Israeli Adams must have overlooked: If Arafat (or whoever) signs a peace agreement, and the bombers keep coming, what then?

Adams describes Robert Fisk as " arguably the best informed journalist on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict". Doesn't this level of idiocy just about say it all?

Here is a simple reason why Arafat will never sign a peace agreement with Israel. He will be signing his own death warrant. Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and even the Martyr's Brigade have shown that they are not answerable to Arafat or his security apparatus. They have stated repeatedly that they will not accept the right is Israel to exist. Ever.

I am confident that Arafat would not last the week after signing a peace agreement. And why would anyone believe such an agreement would be honoured? Arafat does not have the "monopoly on force" in her territory. Hamas proved that when Palestinian police went to arrest senior Hamas officials last year.

Do I know what the solution is? I'd start with some very pointed questioning of the UN' s role in maintaining the world's longest running refugee camps. Then I'd be asking in big brave voice why Palestinians are not accepted as citizens anywhere in the Middle East except Israel, and that perhaps instead of holding telethons, the Saudis might like to offer permanent resettlement. Maybe the oil states could divert, say, one hour's oil revenue and give every Palestinian a million dollars and a resident visa?

Whose interests does it serve to keep those poor bastards where they are? What purpose does it achieve? Well, for starters, when the papers are yelling about the Israeli occupation of territory that hosted the last war machine to come over the hill, they are unable to focus on the Syrian occupation of Lebanon, which show no sign of ending, and since the Israeli withdrawal from south Lebanon, has no justification whatsoever.

But I guess I'm just not "well-informed" enough. I can't choose genocide over an easy six o'clock lead story.

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