Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Janet Albrechtson sinks the slipper into what passes for aboriginal self-determination in this country.

In a community where a woman faces death by domestic violence at a rate 45 times higher than the general community, we find

ATSIC will spend $60 million on native title and land rights and only $4.8 million on domestic violence

Why does an aboriginal man get legless drunk and beat his wife to death. Is it because he has no land rights? Or maybe his proud warrior heart yearns for his country.


But here’s the first, and most important reason: because he thinks it’s OK to do it.

And here’s the second reason: because nobody is telling him otherwise.

The racism of the progressive aboriginal industry beggars belief, and the victims can be found lurching into emergency rooms around the country.

Unless and until we step up the mark and say “this is intolerable, and we will prevent it”, and then have the guts to do what is necessary, is there any reason to think the situation will improve?

Remember: more of the same, gets you more of the same.

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