Thursday, May 23, 2002

The glory that is Instapundit is fretting over India v Pakistan, round IV.

Despite recent (deserved) bad press, historian Francis Fukuyama made one particularly sound point in The End Of History, and it’s this:

There has never, ever, ever been one instance where a liberal democracy went to war against another. Not one.

Want to end war, stop the flow of refugees? Go into every refugee source country, shut down every single one of their governments, put in police drawn exclusively from the OECD, and IMPOSE democracy. Tell whoever is doing the shooting that the rules have just changed, and that they are about to be at war with the A team.

Is there a thinking person who does NOT think the locals in North Korea, Cuba and Uruguay are not (very quietly) itching to stomp their local Party bosses into jelly, given half a chance and a ten minute start? I dunno, lets ask Nicolae Ceaucescu for his thoughts.

If one thing make’s me sick, it’s paternalism dressed up as “cultural sensitivity”. How many times are we going to listen to “asian values” and “it’s what they’re used to”, before we summon the courage to deliver to others the values we hold ourselves to?

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